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ALEX FINAZZO shared the stage with SALTY SUITES last night at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. He impressed a full house, of all ages, with his impressive guitar work. His youth did not hurt either. He bounced off the stage to a cadre of well wishers who, actually, wanted more encores than he gave. He is easy to work with and I envision him gracing my stage for a long time in the future. Try him. You will like the results. He is the type act who brings paying customers through the door night after night

Bob Stane, Coffee Gallery Backstage

A young, 6-string flat picker by the name of Alex Finazzo takes the stage and picks his guitar effortlessly while the crowd watches in awe. I look around and people have smiles on their faces while they tap their feet. They are mesmerized and engaged.

Shelley Kilgore Prescription Bluegrass Blog

Alex is an exceptional bluegrass guitar player. His sound is captivating, original, and entertaining for all types of events. He has a calm and collected stage presence that draws you into the performance.

CJ the DJ