ALEX FINAZZO is a high-energy flatpicker inspired by the works of Doc Watson, Tony Rice, and Dan Crary. His style makes no apologies for his Bluegrass roots, yet has evolved into an eclectic blend of influences rich with heartfelt melodies, impressive technique and a dash of dry wit. Alex has performed at some of the region’s largest bluegrass festivals and street fairs, performs concerts in intimate venues, and has appeared on live radio and television several times. With an infectious passion for acoustic music, Alex is a crowd-pleasing musician that consistently impresses audiences with his dynamic and virtuosic playing style.

“A young, 6-string flat picker by the name of Alex Finazzo takes the stage and picks his guitar effortlessly while the crowd watches in awe. I look around and people have smiles on their faces while they tap their feet. They are mesmerized and engaged.”

— Shelley Kilgore, Prescription Bluegrass Blog

Alex also proudly endorses Paige Guitar Capos.

Hamilton County

Alex is also thrilled to be part of the Miskey Mountain Boys: Evan Marshall, Michelle Lynskey, John Marshall, Deborah Kollgard and Andy Rau. The Miskey Mountain Boys combine innovative arrangements with virtuosic musicianship to create an unforgettable evening for their guests.  This incredible Bluegrass show features such unique elements as double upright slap-bass duets, duo-style mandolin solos, driving fiddle duets and trios, blazing bluegrass cello, soaring vocals, mellifluous banjo solos and floating flatpicking guitar.   Add in the joy and camaraderie of these longtime friends, and you have an energetic evening of fun and music you won’t soon forget. Visit www.MiskeyMountainBoys.com for more details.

About the Miskey Mountain Boys: “World class Bluegrass featuring unique, exciting arrangements going beyond the confines of traditional Bluegrass, incorporating elements of jazz, classical and swing, fueled by awe-inspiring vocals and incredible slap bassing… this is a one-of-a-kind show.”

— Pasadena Weekly